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Avatar Studios is proud to introduce our latest offering from the Avatar Technologies division – a product that will change the way our clients handle their digital marketing content for the better.

Intercast is a web-based digital asset management system providing simple scheduling of video playlists, custom screen design and digital libraries. Intercast allows the administrator to manage multiple global locations from one interface at any time and any location with Internet connectivity. It simplifies the approval process so your digital content can be quickly approved and distributed to video displays around the country or around the world. The user-friendly interface is compatible with any screen format and is highly secure as content is pulled to the player from behind a company firewall, rather than pushed out.

To complement the Intercast system, Avatar Technologies also developed the Avatar Media Player (AMP) and AMP Touch. AMP can adapt to any video format regardless of size with high-resolution projection or screen display. AMP Touch is a Flash-based, touch-screen version of the Avatar Media Player allowing the user to easily arrange icons on the screen, play/pause/stop video, increase/decrease the size of a video window or layer content all with the touch of a finger. Avatar recently partnered with Lishen Battery Company in Tianjin, China and Demand Energy of Spokane, WA to install the AMP Touch in the two companies’ headquarters.

We would love to show you first-hand how these new technology products can work for your business. Call us today at 314-533-2242 to schedule a one-on-one demonstration.

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Move over CNN. There's an alternative to your “Magic Wall” that offers similar interactive capabilities at a fraction of the price.

The Avatar Technologies division of St. Louis-based Avatar Studios, a media communications company, has partnered with Lishen Battery Company in Tianjin, China and Demand Energy of Spokane, WA to create a unique, touch-screen application for digital signage to be installed in the two companies' headquarters.

Lishen is one of the world's leading manufacturers of clean energy lithium ion batteries used in Apple computers and iphones, many handheld devices and even automobiles. Demand Energy is a pioneer in smart energy storage for the electrical grid.

The Flash-based application, called AMP Touch, allows the user easy access to a wide variety of customizable and continuously changeable content delivered through Avatar's Intercast ® a Web based content management system to a flat screen television. This user-friendly system can be operated from anywhere with Internet access and allows users to easily upload and approve videos, build playlists and schedule distribution.

Avatar Technologies developed the AMP Touch and the Intercast system as a platform for its primary business, content development and production through Avatar Studios. The Lishen/Demand Energy project is the latest in Avatar's many video and presentation projects in China.

"Avatar has been tapped by several clients to provide multilingual programs and content. We have developed a roster of international producers, language experts and voice talent to meet our customers' needs." said Bill Faris, Avatar Studios President. According to Faris, Avatar has a significant sales presence in China and works closely with several international clients.

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Our fearless leader, Bill Faris, was recently honored by his alma mater, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, with the Mass Communications Alumni Award. Bill was selected for this prestigious award for his success in his field as well as his involvement and continued support of the school's communications department. His name is engraved on a plaque that will hang in the department's offices.

Bill has allowed SIUE classes to come to Avatar Studios to see a professional production studio at work, he has spoken to numerous classes and has provided internships for SIUE students over the past 20 plus years.

Congratulations, Bill! Click here to read the official announcement: http://www.siue.edu/MASSCOMM/Faris.html